Mental health in the community inter-University degree

The WHO CC coordinates with the Universities of Paris, Marseille and Lille, the inter-university degree “Mental health in the community” whose objective is to offer theoretical and practical training in mental health in the community and its applications in the organization of psychiatric care services, promotion and prevention of mental health, the fight against stigmatization and exclusion


National school of magistrates

For the past ten years, the WHO CC has been in charge of directing and leading the continuing training of magistrates on “Psychiatry and criminal justice” at the National School of Magistrates. About 40 people are trained every year for a week.


Training of LMHC coordinators

The WHO Collaborating Centre organizes, in partnership with Psycom and CNFPT, a national training course entitled “Coordinating and dynamizing a Local Mental Health Council”. This training enables coordinators and promoters of the LMHCs to better understand the stakes and levers of action of these local councils.