Participation of users


1 - Users and carers participation in ICD revision process 

As part of the process of revising the chapter on mental disorders and behavior of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), the missions of WHOCC are as follows:
A - Recruitment of Francophone professionals to the global network of clinical practices (mental health, primary care, certified peer helpers): 1,170 professionals
B - Coordination of the document translation process

C - Establishment in France of a study on gender incongruence, declination of an international clinical study (Download the report here : "11th Revision of the ICD: Gender Incongruence: Evaluation of Validity, reliability and utility of proposals among transgender people")

D - Involvement of users and carers in the revision process (rereading of guidelines, integration of contextual elements)

WHOCC has organized the review of the essential characteristics of schizophrenic disorders and the depressive episode of ICD 11 by users and caregivers in 14 countries, in order to improve communication between professionals, users and caregivers around the psychiatric diagnosis, and to suggest avenues for improvement in the language and manner in which diagnostic information can be communicated by health professionals.

Participation of users and carers in a reading of the international classification of diseases for mental and behavioral disorders (ICD-11), Princeps research on two disorders: depressive episode and schizophrenia, Progress report, June 2018


2- Mental Health peer support workers experiment

3- Promotion of empowerment indicators for citizens and mental health services users

  • Developing jointly with the WHO/EURO a questionnaire for assessing these 19 indicators in different mental health services, regions, countries.
  • Developing jointly with the WHOCC/ITA-91 and WHO/EURO a guideline about 10 points recovery in MH (message reflecting how recovery was adressed in Trieste and Lille) for policy-markers.
  • Developing jointly with the WHO/EURO a toolkit practices on empowerment.