Mental Health in General Population (SMPG)


The survey "Mental Health in General Population: representations and realities" (SMPG) is an international multi-centric research, conducted since 1997.
Useful for the definition of mental health needs and necessary for assessing perceptions of madness, this multi-centric research constitutes a tool for the development of national mental health policies.
WHOCC, as part of its international cooperation mission, provides to international teams who request it a methodological assistance as well as a network of experts to carry out this specific investigation.
Since its inception in 1997, the SMPG survey was conducted in 92 sites: 76 domestic and 16 international locations, more than 82,000 respondents (67 500 in France and nearly 14 500 individuals for all international locations).
The survey has two main objectives:
1. Describe the mental representations related to the "madness", "mental illness", "depression" and the various modes of assistance and care, and to estimate the prevalence of major psychiatric disorders in the general population over the age of 18.
2. Educate health partners, social, and political associations about the importance of mental health problems in the general population.

For each site participating in the survey, data were collected by trained interviewers, through face-to-face questionnaires with people met and sought for in the street, anonymously, while respecting socio-demographic quotas (sex, age, CSP...): the goal was to gather a sample as representative as possible of the population living in the given geographical area. For each respondent, questions exploring their own representations and the presence of current or past mental disorders and therapeutic use and / or aids used.



Map of the sites.