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IT4Anxiety is an Interreg North West Europe project launched in September 2019. The WHOCC is a partner of this project, which aims to reinforce the use of blended therapy and integrate validated innovative health/ mental health tools within professional practices. It involves 12 partners from 6 European countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Luxembourg, France). The WHOCC is responsible to conduct the EQUME qualitative study previously undertaken in France.

Period of the project: September 2019 to September 2023

Objective of the project and involvement of the WHOCC

The project aims to reinforce the use of blended therapy to manage the anxiety of users facing Alzheimer or PTSD and to integrate validated innovative health/mental health tools for professionals. The WHOCC has been identified as coordinator for a research on the evaluation of needs of both the service users and the professionals. The project supports the dynamics of co-creation and the development of working innovative solutions while also developing the skills of service users and professionals all together. The WHOCC is leading one of the 6 “work packages” entitled “Identification of needs for service users and professionals”. It will be responsible for the coordination of activities in relation to this part of the project.

  • April 2020 – Dec 2020: Writing of the protocol for the qualitative study on the identification of needs among the different stakeholders for the use of e-Mental Health tools in the management of anxiety among populations living with Alzheimer’s Disease & PTSD. Recruitment for the focus groups.
  • Jan 2021 – Jan 2023Reproduction of the methodology of EQUME study at international level, organisation of focus groups in the different countries and analysis of results.
  • Sept 2020 – Oct 2020Organisation of the hackathons in collaboration with partner countries & writing of the guidelines to support partners in this activity. (Hackathon is France: November 2021)


Target Figures for the end of the project

  • 15 start-ups will be supported
  • 3 jobs per start-up involved will be created, which represents 45 jobs
  • 10 innovative products will be validated by both professionals and service users and implemented on the field
  • 10 innovative co-created solutions will be validated
  • 1 career profile of e-Mental Health focal point will be created
  • 3000 service users suffering from Alzheimer disease or PTSD will benefit from the innovative tools
  • 1000 professionals in mental health will be trained

Targeted geographical zone: France and North West Europe


  • European Union: co-financing via the Interreg North West Europe programme
  • CNP Saint-Martin (Belgium)
  • INNO TSD (France)
  • Ulster University (UK)
  • National Health Services Western Isles (UK)
  • Live-Out (France)
  • Haute Ecole de la Province de Namur (Belgium)
  • EPSM Lille-Métropole – WHO Collaborating Centre for research and training in mental health, Lille (France)
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
  • Evangelisches Klinikum Bethel, Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie (Germany)
  • Namur-Europe-Wallonie asbl (Belgium)
  • Agence pour la Coopération Scientifique Afrique Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  • Brainscan BV (the Netherlands)