Visits and training

Visits and training for Community based mental health services promotion

The WHOCC is integrated in a community based mental health service that has been validated by WHO International and EURO as a good practice service since 1998: the Community Mental Health Services of Eastern Lille Suburbs (Pôle 59g21) and more widely the Lille Metropole Public Mental Health Trust.

The WHOCC has been designated by WHO/EURO as the co-leading institution supporting the transformation of mental health services with WHOCC of Trieste (Italy) in collaboration with various international networks (IMHCN, International Mental Health Collaborating Network).

Every year since 2000 about a hundred policy makers, users and carers representatives, mental health, social, health professionals, at the national and international levels, attend relevant training and visit local mental health service structures. They participate in national and international exchanges on research and development of innovative treatment and care systems, recovery oriented, including and fostering the involvement of service users in their implementation.

The WHOCC provided technical assistance in France and to countries wishing to develop a Community based mental health services and recovery oriented services using:

- Site and focus trainings and immersion visits from people that are in a process of reshaping their MH services with technical assistance

- Technical support to relevant sites or countries in implementing their mental health local councils in coordination with WHO.

Part of the visit : 

mutual inter-aid groups