The WHOCC is redesignated every 4 years by the WHO, on the basis of a multiannual program and on four reference terms, which are:

1. To contribute to WHO’s work on promotion of Community based mental health services.

  • Organizing on – site trainings and visits of Community based mental health services for jointly with WHO selected participants from French speaking countries that are in process of reshaping their MNH services with WHO technical assistance.
  • Providing technical assistance to relevant French speaking countries in implementing their mental health local councils in coordination with the WHO.

2. To contribute to WHO’s work on empowerment of Mental Health services users and carers.

  • Promoting the WHO QualityRights Tool Kit.
  • Promoting empowerment indicators for citizens and mental health services users.

3. To assist WHO in strengthening information system and knowledge in Mental Health.

  • Revision of the mental health and behavioural classification, ICD-10, in French-speaking countries.

4. To assist WHO in addressing Mental Health and physical co-morbidities.

  • Promoting good physical and mental health for people with mental health problems.