WHOCC mission is to support the participation of users' associations, of families and caregivers in the process of the mental health services reform at the european level, in partnership with WHO Europe. Several actions are currently under development to meet the demands of this specific mission.

1- Promoting the WHO QualityRights Tool Kit

  • Translation of relevant WHO QualityRights Tool Kit in French.
  • Testing implementation of WHO QualityRights Tool Kit and its evaluation in French-speaking low income countries in coordination with WHO.
  • Assessing and improving the quality of health care as well as human rights conditions in mental health and social care facilities. Results to be shared with WHO.
  • Empowering organisations for advocating for the rights of people with mental and psychosocial disabilities through raising awareness by disseminating relevant WHO QualityRights Tool Kit.

2- Promotion of empowerment indicators for citizens and mental health services users

  • Developing jointly with the WHO/EURO a questionnaire for assessing these 19 indicators in different mental health services, regions, countries.
  • Developing jointly with the WHOCC/ITA-91 and WHO/EURO a guideline about 10 points recovery in MH (message reflecting how recovery was adressed in Trieste and Lille) for policy-markers.
  • Developing jointly with the WHO/EURO a toolkit practices on empowerment.


Besides these actions, which all refer to the terms of WHOCC redesignation for the period 2014-2018, other research programs are still under way: some of these programs, like “Mental Health peer support workers: an experiment” began when previous WHO terms of references were assigned to the collaborating center.